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The Yorkdale Difference with Mitch Marner

Experience a sense of sanctuary with Mitch Marner with his 2023 Lincoln Aviator delivery. Discover the luxurious and exclusive features the Lincoln Aviator has to offer. IAG welcomes you to Experience the Yorkdale Lincoln Difference

The Right Fit For Mitch

Mitch Marner deserves a premium and relaxing ride, and the Lincoln Aviator from Yorkdale Lincoln provides just that. This luxurious SUV is designed to pamper its passengers, with features such as massaging seats and Air Glide Suspension for ultimate comfort and peace of mind during his commute. The objective was to find the perfect SUV for Mitch that would align with his goals and busy lifestyle as an NHL player. We needed a vehicle that could fit his hockey equipment, his dog on a weekend trip to the park, and even a cup of Tims in the morning. With plenty of time and thought, we suggested the Lincoln Aviator was the perfect solution, offering plenty of room and an attractive design, as well as a range of comfort features.

The Lincoln Aviator

With a stylish exterior, a plush cabin, and a pair of potent powertrains, this 2023 Lincoln Aviator offers nearly the same luxury experience as the larger Navigator, but its more compact, mid-size dimensions make it easier to live with. This Aviator is all about quiet comfort; its ride is compliant and its driving demeanour is relaxed, no matter the conditions.

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